“I have worked with Carter on a number of occasions to help me with an American dialect. He is a fantastic teacher who I would happily recommend.”

Jodie Whitaker (Doctor Who, Broadchurch)

“Carter - What a brilliant dialect coach! Precision, detail, encouragement, and great humour. He’s just superb at what he does. Highly recommended.”

Matthew Macfadyen (Succession HBO, Frost/Nixon)

“I worked on my General American accent with Carter for a film in which I was to be surrounded by real Americans. I was a little nervous and found him to be exactly what I want from a dialect coach and extremely useful. He is enormously specific, knowledgeable and encouraging. He broke down the sounds and placement in a fantastically digestible way and gave me detailed documents to help me keep developing whilst away. I would highly recommend him and intend to work with him from now on.”

Alex Hassell (Cowboy Beebop Netflix, Suburbicon dir. George Clooney)

“Carter is my go-to for all accents American. His precision and humour make learning new accents a pleasure.”

Olivia Grant (All The Money In The World, dir. Ridley Scott)

Photo: Jennifer Noel