I have worked with Carter on a number of occasions to help me with an American dialect. He is a fantastic teacher who I would happily recommend.

Jodie Whitaker (Doctor Who, Broadchurch)

Carter - What a brilliant dialect coach! Precision, detail, encouragement, and great humour. He’s just superb at what he does. Highly recommended.

Matthew Macfadyen (Succession HBO, Frost/Nixon)

I worked on my General American accent with Carter for a film in which I was to be surrounded by real Americans. I was a little nervous and found him to be exactly what I want from a dialect coach and extremely useful. He is enormously specific, knowledgeable and encouraging. He broke down the sounds and placement in a fantastically digestible way and gave me detailed documents to help me keep developing whilst away. I would highly recommend him and intend to work with him from now on.

Alex Hassell (The Boys Amazon, Suburbicon dir. George Clooney)

Carter is my go-to for all accents American. His precision and humour make learning new accents a pleasure.

Olivia Grant (All The Money In The World, dir. Ridley Scott)

I have now studied three accents with Carter and frequently recommend him as a coach to my friends. His approach to accents is very easily broken down without having to remember all of my phonetics from Drama school. He has given me links to the accents, helpful dialect resources and we have recorded and worked on all the dialogue from my current scripts. Carter is a delight to work with and sessions are always fun!

— Marian Elizabeth


Carter is one of the most helpful accent coaches I have ever worked with. Not only was I provided with helpful sheets and references for the accent but also great moral support. I wasn’t bombarded with jargon that was confusing to me or that I hadn’t used since drama school but instead it was mostly about being made to feel comfortable and figure out the best way for me to learn. Highly recommend.

Gabrielle Brooks (Twelfth Night Young Vic)

As an actor who has struggled to understand and implement the American accent previously, I have found my confidence and knowledge with Carter. I find working with him enjoyable, informative and most importantly functional for me as a working actor.

Percelle Ascott (The Innocents Netflix, Dr Who)

Working with Carter is now an essential part of my process when working in any accent. He gave me an incredible amount of confidence and his vast technical knowledge is coupled with a supportive, professional and insightful teaching manner. Carter's passion for his craft is infectious and he knows how to work with a dramatic script as both a coach and an actor. Thanks to our sessions, I've never been more comfortable approaching accent work.

William Sebag-Montefiore ( Poldark BBC, Spy Wars History Channel)

Carter was so helpful with the vowel sounds I wasn’t getting right and made learning an accent that was totally alien to me really doable. He’s very positive, kind and pushes you to use your voice in ways you may never have before. Total legend.

Beverly Rudd (Kneehigh Theatre Company and more)